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Introduction to the development of the auto bearing prospect

Now auto industry development is rapid, nearly a few years time, the road is crowded with large and small cars, with the development of auto industry, auto bearing has been developed, we know that cars bearing role is very big, if not bearing is equivalent to in our car, people have no joints, will not evaporate, auto bearing on the importance of the car.

Also includes many kinds of auto bearing, let's look at rolling auto bearing have what advantages relative to the lubricated bearing:

1. In general, the use efficiency of auto bearing and power and lubrication bearing is similar, but the rocker mixed lubrication bearing much higher.

2. Auto bearing radial clearance is small, the centripetal angular contact bearings available preloaded eliminate pretightening clearance are available, and in the process of operation performance is higher.

3. Compared with the same type of bearing, auto bearing width is small, compact structure.

4, most of the auto bearing can at the same time by the radial and axial load, so the bearing combination has simple structure

Believe everyone understand now auto bearing, what are some of the advantages of the advantages of auto bearing can ensure the high quality of work of the car, dedicated auto bearing is definitely worth to ensure product quality.




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