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What is car wheel hub bearing structure, how to produce?

Wheel hub bearing is divided into three categories, generation/second generation wheel hub bearing wheel hub bearing, the three generations of wheel hub bearing, want to audi/Honda companies such as the old car and low-grade cars are using generation wheel hub bearing, remove the difficulty is big, it is not easy to adjust.

As car upgrading of industrial structure and consumption environmental protection request, also in the crowded/lightweight direction, and the maintenance of quality, like the engine just open it no longer works, not only because is the issue of parts and when installation, adjustment problems. A generation of wheel hub bearing at the time of installation requires a lot of adjustments.

The first generation consists of double row angular contact bearings.

Roll out the second generation of road have a fixed flange is used to bearing, can be simple to bearing sleeve on the shaft with a nut. Make car maintenance becomes easy.

The third generation wheel hub bearing unit is adopted the bearing unit and match the ABS brake system. Wheel hub unit designed to have the flange and the outer flange, the flange bolts fixed on the driven shaft, the bearing outer flange be installed together.

Is mainly made up of inner ring/outer ring/steel ball, and cage, sealing ring and sensor unit, flange/bolts, etc.

Generally are forging flange plate after cutting no longer tube, but the channel needs more super fine grinding, according to the different size and distinguish good together again.




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