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Excavator work on bearing performance to improve the ability to work

Of bearing of the working equipment of excavator bearings bearing sort is various, according to the materials can be divided into copper bearing, steel bearings, composite bearings, etc.; According to the lubrication methods can be divided into dry friction bearing, oil bearing, oil film bearing in incomplete, fluid film bearing such as: we use bearing lubrication method for incomplete film lubrication, successively used copper, steel, copper base self-lubricating property of the steel back and so on the many kinds of bearings. Copper bearing good toughness, wear resistance, has good protection to the shaft, but the resistance to deformation ability is poor, after long time use easy deformation, cause bearing inside diameter expanding, lead to structural rock; Steel bearing high strength, good abrasion resistance, resistance to deformation ability is strong, but the surface heat treatment of high technological requirements; Copper base steel back of self-lubricating bearing the advantages of both steel bearing and copper bearing, oil lubrication and self-lubrication combined at the same time, can effectively avoid bearing burning, but the process is complex, high cost. Bearing design priority is the service life of bearing, its life in addition to the burned by the bearing inside diameter of wear quantity to decide. Wear is mainly affected by friction conditions, and the friction load, speed, impurity, surface roughness, working temperature, different operation mode, the use of lubricants and other conditions, therefore, the wear quantity is only a theoretical estimate, the life of the axle housing depends on all kinds of complicated conditions.

(1) if is caused by sealing problem, once established, will the old seal removed, use clean diesel or gasoline seal groove, the new seal completely card into the seal groove. It is important to note: behind a joint sealing strip into the ring, need to use double tube adhesive (such as propylene

Acid ester gum) will on both sides of the joint together.

(2) if it is caused by leakage of rotary motor lubricating oil metamorphism, rotary motor for maintenance is required, fundamentally solve the problem, and then replace the slewing ring gear grease.

(3) if because of leaking oil caused by improper selection, all the grease of the slewing ring gear must be replaced. Should be paid attention to at the same time, the bearing chamber also should use the same type of grease. Molybdenum should use lithium base grease, the grease basically did not reduce the viscosity at high temperature.




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