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Installation method of tapered roller bearing

The installation of bearings must be carried out in a dry and clean environment. Before installation, the matching surface of the shaft and the shell, the end face of the shoulder, the groove and the machining quality of the connecting surface should be carefully examined. All mating surfaces must be carefully cleaned and removed from burrs. The unfinished surfaces of the castings must be free of net residual molding sand.

Bearings should be cleaned up with gasoline or kerosene before they are installed. After drying, they should be lubricated and lubricated and lubricated. When grease is used, no grease, no oxidation, rust proof and extreme pressure should be selected. The filling amount of grease is 30%-60% of bearing and bearing box volume, not too much. Double row tapered roller bearings and pump shaft bearings with sealed structure have been filled with grease. Users can use them directly and no longer need to be cleaned.

When the bearing is installed, the uniform pressure must be applied on the circumference of the end of the ring, and the ring is pressed into the bearing. Under the condition of smaller interference, the sleeve can be pressed at the normal temperature and the end of the bearing ring can be pressed by the sleeve, and the sleeve is struck by the tapping head, and the sleeve is evenly balanced through the sleeve. The hydraulic press can be used if the installation is in large quantities. When pressing, it should be ensured that the end face of the outer ring and the end face of the shell shoulder, the inner ring end face and the end face of the shaft shoulder are tightly pressed, and no clearance is allowed.

When the interference is large, it can be installed by oil bath heating or inductor heating bearing method. The heating temperature range is 80 -100 C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 120 C. At the same time, nuts or other appropriate methods are used to tighten the bearings to prevent the width of the bearing from shrinking after cooling, resulting in gaps between the rings and the shoulders.

The installation of single row tapered roller bearings should be adjusted at last. The clearance value should be determined according to the different working conditions and the magnitude of interference. When necessary, the test shall be made. Double row tapered roller bearings and water pump shaft bearings have been adjusted clearance when they leave the factory, so they need not be adjusted again.

After the bearing is installed, the rotation test should be carried out, first with the hand rotation axis or the bearing box, if there is no abnormal, it is powered by no load, low speed operation, and then gradually improve the rotation speed and load according to the operation situation, and detect noise, vibration and temperature rise, find abnormal, should stop transportation and check. The operation test can be used after the normal operation.

Two. The dismantling of bearings:

Suitable dismantling tools should be selected when the bearing is removed. Disassembly of the inner ring of interference fit can only be added to the ring, and the disassembly force is not allowed through the rolling body (outer ring), otherwise the rolling body and the raceway will be crushed.

Three. The use environment of bearing:

According to the location and conditions of use and environmental conditions, the size and accuracy of the bearings should be selected. Proper bearing is the prerequisite to ensure the life and reliability of bearings.

1, use part: the tapered roller bearing is suitable for the radial and axial load with radial load. It is usually used with two sets of bearings. It is mainly used in the driving parts of the front and rear wheels, the active conical gear, the differential and the retarder.

2, permissible speed: in the right and well lubricated environment, it is allowed to 0.3-0.5 times the limit speed of the bearing. Under normal circumstances, the limit speed of 0.2 times is the best.

3. Allowable inclination angle: tapered roller bearings generally do not allow the shaft to tilt relative to the shell hole, if the inclination is not greater than 2 degrees.

4, permissible temperature: under the normal load, and the lubricants have high temperature resistance and full lubrication, the general bearings are allowed to work at the temperature of -30 C ---150 C.

Four. The installation method of tapered roller bearing


1. Installation method of thrust tapered roller bearing

Thrust cylindrical roller bearing and thrust needle roller bearing are suitable for low speed, and the thrust cone roller bearing with a slightly plane thrust bearing is mainly subjected to axial load in the assembly body, which is widely used. Although the thrust bearing is installed and operated.

2. How do gears and tapered roller bearings be assembled?

When the gear is designed, there must be an axial positioning step, the outer ring of the bearing is killed, the outer side of the inner ring is locked by locking nut, and the pretightening force is set according to the application conditions.

3. How to install and adjust the clearance of tapered roller bearings?

Generally choosing tapered roller bearings, face to face and back to back can be, the size of the clearance should be selected according to the size of the bearings you choose and the transmission precision required by the mechanism to determine the clearance group. The adjustment method can be realized by compressing back loosening.




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