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What kind of rolling bearing has the value of repair, repair is the best way

What kind of rolling bearing has the value of repair, repair is the best way?

Rolling bearing is mass production machinery parts, and manufacturing precision is strict, technical specialization degree is high, so for most of the easy to get the bearing varieties, should be to buy more economical than repair, only under the following circumstances, to consider the bearing to fix the problem:

(1) large factories used by a large number of the same type of bearing, the main failure forms of roller surface wear, fatigue, or micro abrasive wear, especially how to keep the damaged parts or roller, and ring or washer is still has a fixed value;

(2) large and super large bearings, on the brink of failure or parts has failure and there is no major damage, or expensive bearings must try to prolong the lifespan of effectively;

(3) some really ends up hard bearing varieties, no spare parts to repair after failure, especially the import bearings;

(4) bearing have slight damage, such as inventory period have minor scale, as well as the transportation process produces slight micromotion abrasion, repair easy and abandon it's a pity that this kind of situation.

In addition to economy, repair of bearing and its technical, which requires the repairer fully understand the bearing corresponding technical requirements, and bearing and its components on the structure, process, and the characteristics of the material, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the effect of bearing repair is required.

The economic benefits of a, bearing repair

In general, less bearing varieties, quantity is big, the price of a single bearing high, or bearing structure is simple. Size is large, the cost of the repair is relatively lower, the higher economic benefit.

In addition, to monitor the running status of bearings, in a planned way before bearing failure to repair, can receive get twice the result with half the effort effect. Follow the reasonable technology, the use of efficient repair equipment and tools, and get the help of professional bearing factory, help to improve the economic benefit.

Second, the benefits of cooperation with professional bearing enterprises.

Users in the repair of bearing business, such as the professional bearing enterprise cooperation can be achieved, will probably get the following benefits:

(1) clear repair processes all the technical requirements, and how to guarantee the overall quality of repair bearing;

(2) can take advantage of the professional bearing factory many specialized experience, these experiences can reliably and efficiently and economically meet the process requirements;

(3) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprise job card amount of mold, borrow Yu Xiuli business, may be more economic and save a lot of trouble;

(4) can be ordered to professional bearing enterprises such as cage, roller, rivets and other accessories, can make the repair work easy and convenient and economic.




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