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Tapered roller bearing status in our country

With fast growing in the field of world industry, the industry is more and more high to the requirement of all kinds of bearing products, tapered roller bearing products as bearing products, as one of the categories in the field of industrial application is very extensive, but bearing market status quo of our country is very chaotic, cause of tapered roller bearing production technology in our country has been in a relatively backward position.

Tapered roller bearing products manufacturing technology and production technology development is relatively slow, the main reason is because of China's industrial market is relatively chaos, industrial belt is relatively loose, can't effective centralized, large-scale production, a lot of technical challenges failed to make a breakthrough.

High performance of tapered roller bearing products is higher, to the requirement of production materials bearing steel should have very high requirements, our bearing just kind of research and development progress is relatively slow, lubrication, cooling, cleaning, abrasive technology is related to reach the world advanced level and quality of tapered roller bearing products requirements, so there is no guarantee that the precision of the tapered roller bearing, performance, service life and reliability.

Our company long-term commitment to improving the quality of tapered roller bearing products, provide the most professional bearing products for the market, so we constantly absorbing the introduction of advanced international advanced technology, combined with our own production status, production technology, continuous reform to improve the quality of our circular cone roller bearings. Sincerely welcome the broad masses of the market users to come to our company inquires the most professional quality of tapered roller bearing products.




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