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Low noise, quiet operation, long service life, high quality, energy saving, reduce friction, save a space

SKF products all over the world, and provide comprehensive technical advisory support services. Over the years, SKF for every industry needs to carefully study, from car manufacturing to aviation manufacturing, heavy industry to consumer goods industry, has accumulated rich professional experience, and applied to household appliances manufacturing industry, determined to achieve exquisite products, superior performance.

We are determined to reflect on the quality of products in every link of the process of manufacturing. From the development of new varieties to product post-sale service, SKF always provide the highest level of professional experience, manufacturing quality, and customer services covering the whole process from design concept to the final application.

The washing machine washing machine image

Washing machine manufacturers put forward all kinds of design: horizontal spindle - front cover/roof type washing machine, vertical shaft type washing machine - a top on it

The dryer image dryers

Dryer efficiency determined by coefficient of "power factor", which measures how many kilos per kilowatt hours of electricity can dry clothes

Dishwasher dishwasher images

Measure mainly dishwasher efficiency per KWH electricity how many washing cycle can be completed

Ventilation fans image ventilation fans

In many families applications, the ventilating fan is mainly used for air circulation. Ventilation fans are divided into two categories: ceiling fans and other household fan

Indoor air conditioning air conditioning images

Indoor air conditioning equipment can be divided into the following two categories: window and portable air conditioner and the separated type air conditioner

Water heater boiler picture

Water heater is produced by passing the fuel energy are basins of water vapor

The refrigerator image refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerators and freezers is a common household electrical appliances

A food processor image food processor

The traditional food processor usually includes a base, can support the containers of carrying the processed foods

Smoke lampblack machine image take lampblack chance

Each smoke lampblack machine with an electric motor, the motor must be able to in the case of low noise at high speed

The floor floor polishing machine polishing machine images

With the development of the small motor and cleaning tools, floor polishing machine is widely used in industrial and household

Image vacuum cleaner

Consumers are demanding vacuum cleaner manufacturers to create higher efficiency, smaller, more value products



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