The plane bearing a variety. Recently, should the customer to bearing to reduce weight, reduce environmental pollution and the requirement of high performance, bearing system becomes more complex, need higher reliability and quality control. A jet engine design theory and industry development trend of main shaft bearing. With the rapid development of emerging markets and the global expansion of low-cost airlines, the demand of commercial aircraft and stable growth of sales.

Around the world, for each customer to the aerospace industry, we provide a variety of solutions, including in the fuselage, the aircraft engine and the gearbox bearing, seal, rod, poles, precision flexible equipment and telex manipulation.

The harsh environment

Ceramic bearing can run under high temperature and bad lubrication conditions. Protected elastic seal and bearing or other various applications, such as swash plate, gear box...

We have the widest range of aeronautics and astronautics solution that can be used in even the most serious polluted environment, and combines the visual control of what you need or free maintenance requirement, provide the most suitable solution for you.

The energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for customers, reduce the weight of the aircraft, to reduce fuel consumption and increase the payload. This is a major part of the operating cost and benefit. The weight of the aircraft designers help reduce the number of multiple systems and subsystems, thus reducing the fuel consumption.

In addition to reducing fuel consumption, we provide solutions that reduce weight, also helps to improve the payload, extension of the flight, reduce total operating costs; At the same time does not affect the security and performance.

These solutions are already used in some demanding on the plane, greatly reduce the cost of the airline.

Combination function

Combination of various function makes the global application components significantly reduce the number of to reduce weight and save the packaging.

Therefore, by improving the existing applications, to create a more sustainable support aircraft.

Light weight

By reducing the number of global application equipment parts to line control system to replace the hydraulic system, research and development of the use of lightweight materials, aerospace technology help to reduce weight, and create a more sustainable solutions.



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