Electric power


Wind power bearing is a special kind of bearing, the use of bad environment, high maintenance cost, high life.

The main features

1. Using the environment badly

2. High maintenance cost

3. The high life

In the operation of the bearing roller generally only part of the load at the same time, and this part of the roller bearing area we call the bearing area. Bearing load size, the size of the running clearance will have an effect on the bearing area. If carrying the range is too small, the slippage of the roller in the actual operation is likely to happen in the phenomenon.

For wind power gear box, if the design of the spindle with double bearing support solutions, so in theory only torque to the gear box. In this case, after simple force analysis, it is easy to found the planet carrier of load bearing support is relatively small, so the bearing bearing area is often small, roller are prone to skid.

In the planet carrier in the design of wind power gear box support bearings generally USES two single row tapered bearings or two cylindrical roller bearing.

We can through appropriate or reduce the cylindrical roller bearing preloaded tapered roller bearing clearance methods to improve the load bearing area. Figure 2 shows is to reduce the clearance of bearing area before and after comparison.




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