Is metal powder and other powder metallurgy bearing anti-friction material powder pressing, sintering, plastic and oil, and has a porous structure, after infiltration in hot oil, pore Spaces filled with lubricating oil, work due to the effect of suction of the shaft neck rotation and friction heat, expansion of metals and the oil is heated, the oil out of the pore, the lubrication and friction surface, bearing after cooling, oil is sucked back into the pore.

Powder metallurgy oil bearing (oil bearing) is a kind of pore in the porous alloy containing leaching with lubricating oil products. When the shaft rotates, because of the friction between shaft and oil bearing oil bearing temperature and pump suction effect. Lubricating oil including seepage in seepage in oil bearing inner diameter or outer diameter of the friction surface, when the shaft stop running. Lubricating oil and return within the oil bearing. As a result, the consumption of lubricating oil is very small, but in the case of no lubricating oil supply from outside, long-term use. Is very suitable for oil supply difficulties and avoid oil pollution.

Oil-retaining bearing a large number of applied to motor industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, household appliances industry, digital products, office equipment, electric tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery and other kinds of mechanical equipment.

Powder metallurgy oil bearing in general is mainly with raw material powder by pressing, sintering, plastic, oil immersion processes such as manufacturing. Now machines are mostly high degree of automation. Once production is large, most of the products can take shape, so the batch production is bigger, the better. And now made hundreds of thousands of mould a little less word may only, many words can do more than one million only. But the mold cost is higher, so the batch less if it is bad to do, and change the time of the mould is long.

Powder metallurgy oil bearing in general can forming a, basic need not machining. Lighter than machining cost, less material waste, the price is cheaper so. Also accord with the national policy of now advocate energy saving, so they don't think this is an outdated technology.

Powder metallurgy has with vacuum oil bearing the matrix containing leaching method is filled with oil, and during operation due to temperature rise and the cause of the pump suction, the lubricating oil will seep to the surface of a work, therefore, can be used to not add lubricating oil.



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